Giving Up things

Giving up any or all of these passtimes may be the best thing you have ever done.

TV [time: my whole life]

I have a huge collection of martial arts DVD's. And each time I watched a movie I would dream of being able to do martial arts and save the day.
Giving up TV has given me my time back. Now I am doing contact staff and juggling. Nunchaku and staff spinning. I am living the life and I am my own hero.

Youtube [time: the past ten years]

I would get so addicted to watching hours of Youtube. I would get angry with the younger generation. And jealous of the current generation. They all seemed to have a dream life.
Giving up Youtube has giving me my dreams back. Instead of subscribing to other poeples dreams I subscribe to my own.

Videogames [time: the past 30 years]

I thought this would be difficult but it was really easy! I have been playing video games for over 30 years!!!
Giving up video games has clearned my mind and polished my heart. I've got my will to live back. Stepping away from computer games has woken me up to the wonderful world. I am gardening, playing guitar (yes a real guitar not a guitar hero) and enjoying my time so much more than ever before.